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3rd June

Junior Grading


Congratulations to Steve McLean and Maher Alsusa on achieving their 8th Kyu First Class, to Alex Baker on achieving 7th Kyu and to Sam Moore on achieving his 3rd Kyu.





Left: Steve McLean, Maher Alsusa, Sam Moore and Alex Baker pictured with their new belts after the grading.









30th April

Junior Grading


Congratulations to Thomas Hawkins on achieving his 6th Kyu.



25th March

Junior Grading


Congratulations to Dylan Doherty on achieving his 9th Kyu 1st Class, to Kiran Bauluck and Nathan French on achieving their 7th Kyu 1st Class, to Angel Bauluck and Noah Bauluck on achieving 7th Kyu, Callum Cole on achieving 5th Kyu and Liam Raftery on achieving 4th Kyu.





Left: Callum Cole, Kiran Bauluck, Noah Bauluck, Nathan French, Angel Bauluck, Liam Raftery and Dylan Doherty pictured with their new belts after the grading.









25th February

Junior Grading


Congratulations to Tom Freeman on achieving his 9th Kyu 1st Class, to Kalil Alrobeai on achieving his 9th Kyu, Jack Moore, Lucca Degisi and Talia Degisi on achieving their 8th Kyu, to Mandy Gane on achieving her 8th Kyu 1st Class and to Francesca Wang-Smith on achieving her 7th Kyu.


Left: Kalil Alrobeai, Mandy Gane, Jack Moore, Francesca Wang-Smith, Talia Degisi, Tom Freeman and Lucca Degisi pictured with their new belts after the grading.




28th January

Junior Grading


Congratulations to Daniel Babakani and Louis Riley on achieving their 9th Kyu and to Ryan Whelan on achieving his 8th Kyu.







Left: Ryan Whelan, Daniel Babakani and Louis Riley pictured with their new belts after the grading.











27th January

Prestwich Ken Yu Kai Open Kata Competition


On Sunday 27th January we had the third Prestwich Open Kata competition at St Margaret's Youth and Community centre. This was supported by St Margarets Ken Yu Kai, Failsworth Ken Yu Kai, Mossley Ken Yu Kai, Langworthy Ken Yu Kai, Eccles Ken Yu Kai and DKA. The objective of the competition was to allow students who may not ordinarily compete to try out a competition but in a safe and friendly environment. I was overwhelmed by the support from the club of which meant that the eight categories were all competitive. The first category on was the 7 years and under section of which Daniel Babakani was representing the club, this was won by Georgia Murphy who beat Ben Trainor in the final with Sophya Ganvir-Roche and Bobby Hudson Llyod finishing joint 3rd. (Pictured Right)

The next section on was the under 16s orange belt and below In this section we had Ryan Whelan, Nathan French, Jess Hawkins and Thomas Hawkins representing the club. Nathan French won the section, beating Thomas Hawkins in the final. Jess Hawkins and Mussa Hussain  finished joint 3rd. (Pictured Left)     


Up next were the under 16s green to purple belt. Callum Cole and Freddie Chadwick were representing the club. The section was won by Lillia Follows beating Cerys Follows in the final, with Rayyan Haq and Mahur Haq coming joint 3rd. (Pictured Right)


The final cadet individual category of the day was the under 16s brown and black belt section, Jake Chadwick was representing the club. This was won by Demi Pope who beat Daniel Kinsey in the final with Alexandra Bird and Peter Booth finishing joint 3rd. (Pictured Left)  


Next onto the Individual Adult Categories, first up were the white to purple belts who battled it out in a round robin. Tomar Praise won, Paul Trainor was second and Louisa Murphy finished third.(Pictured Right)


Adult seniors next with Sarah Chadwick representing the club. The section was won by Sean Towey who beat Simon Boyd in the final, with Sarah Chadwick and Mary Clarke finishing joint 3rd. (Pictured Left)  

This then brought us on to the pairs, this section saw 7 pairs battling it out. The section was won by Langworthy who beat Failsworth in the final, Eccles and Prestwich 'B' (Nathan French & Thomas Hawkins) (Pictured Right)


The final section was the Adult Pairs, a two way match between St Margaret's and Eccles of which St Margaret's came out on top. (Pictured Left)









1st January

Happy New Year!


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